How To Make A Canadian Man Fall In Love With You

You have fallen for a Canadian man? No tips on how to win the heart of Canadian men? Don’t worry, we have got you covered for some useful tips. Before anything else, I would like to applaud your taste in men. The guy you have chosen for yourself belongs to the globe’s most dateable population and have signed up to win a gentlemanly heart. My first advice to dating a Canadian man is, shut out everything you believe and know about dating. As dating in Canada is a whole new trick of the game. Keep reading further to know how to date a Canadian man by heart.

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1. A Canadian dating app will come of use

If you are looking for a Canadian IRL and can’t find it, find Canadian dating websites and apps and they will help you get to your man. One of the most popular ones is and In case you are located near one of the porous borders of Canada, you can also set up for Tinder and set the search radius extensively. You will most definitely find your choice of man on these apps, swipe right and live happily ever after.

2. Brag about your favorite hockey team

For all the ladies out there, grab a pen and note these tips. Specifically this one: there is no way a Canadian man will be able to resist you if you are wearing a hockey sweater that is twice your size. Don’t shy away if your sweater cuffs are dragging on the floor.

A Canadian man is known for his chipped front teeth from playing hockey. Canadian ladies are a lot into that. If you take your man to ice-skating, you will hear a lot of people say that your man skates like an angel. There is no way to dodge or be embarrassed by your man getting those compliments.

Oh, don’t forget, ice-skating is known as ‘pleasure skating’ in Canada. Just leaving it out there.

3. Layer Up

If you are looking to impress or date a Canadian man, know how to layer up. Canadian man loves to hike and would love a woman who knows how to hike and dress up for it, as they are generally very outdoorsy. If your man takes you for a hike and you fail to dress up appropriately for it, know that it will annoy them.

4. Gender fluidity is the new cool

Since Canada has added an option in the identity documents for visitors which makes them able to designate another option of gender, being too much of anything is not cool anymore. None of the Canadian men are promoting only one option of gender, be it the celebrity couple Chavril (Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger), Elvira the Canadian Vamp, or Justin Trudeau. To impress or date a Canadian man, be gender-fluid or accept and promote all genders as equal. Like the rest of the world, Canadian men and their thinking are evolving with time.

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  1. This helped me so much! i am now dating a man straight from canada! he loves hiking and playing hockey just like this said! He even was so happy with me when I Layered up just right 😉 Thank you so much and we are now on our way to marry <3 – Ur normal American Gender fluid.

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