Top 5 Millionaire Dating Sites 2023

Millionaire dating sites is the new trend in 2021. They are a niche in the online dating business but just like any other dating site they provide convenience. It’s a great way for the elite singles to find a quality match. It places people of the same financial standing together. These dating sites may sound dubious but they insist that they provide high profile members such as celebrities and CEOs.

Each dating site, however, has its own unique selling point based on the features that it provides to its customers. A good dating site is quick, easy to use, and efficient in its purpose. Its algorithms should be set according to the needs of the users that should help two likely partners meet.

Since there are multiple millionaire dating sites it can get confusing to decide which one is the best and worth your time, especially for the busy single elites. For this very purpose, this article combines a list of 5 different millionaire dating sites for you, weighing the pros and cons and features of each and what type suits what person. So if you have a thing for men or women with deep pockets, then scroll down!



Millionaire Match was established in 2001 and since then had over 2.6 million users. It has both, a website and an app. It’s strict on maintaining highly verified profiles. The male users on this site need to have at least $200,000 or more as their annual income whereas women don’t have any such requirements. It offers verification services free of cost to both its gold and free members. Education, location, profession, income are verified by the company. This is not a sugar daddy dating website and focuses on long-term relationship building.

Signing up on Millionaire Match is free but their benefits are limited as compared to gold members. You can filter search, see who visited your profile and send messages if you’re a gold member, it allows you to access all of the features of the website. Also, one of the unique features of Millionaire Match is that it provides its members with dating counseling to help ensure the quality of relationships by offering advice and support.

It allows its users to further interact through blogs and forums where you can engage and check out the latest activity. Members can even add their photos to the Millionaire Fashion Show which will help them increase their profile views. In your profile, you can add your first date ideas and showcase your luxuries. You can send free winks to whomever you’re interested in.

With all these features and benefits it’s hard to make out anything that’s wrong with Millionaire Match, in fact, there are so many additional benefits in this as compared to other sites. But in order to utilize the site’s potential, you need to be a gold member.



Luxy is a website as well as an app. Its sophisticated design from the curving fonts to the black and gold aesthetic is visually pleasing that give off an image of richness and exclusivity. It’s intimate and doesn’t offer the sugar daddy type relationships.

There are two options when signing up on Luxy; you can either have a black membership for a sum of money which will obviously offer more benefits or you can get a free membership. In order to ensure that only the finest members sign up, Luxy has a system in which the other members have to vote for you within 24 hours of signing up. This will determine whether you’re going to stay or leave. Your approval rating needs to 50% and above. Another way is to prove that you make $200,000 a year; if you can do that then you’re good to go.

The basic things are there; you create a profile and upload a photo. You can also list your 5 favorite brands by using the luxy tags. Black membership perks include more search options even those based on location and income and being able to send messages to the person you like even if you don’t match.

The biggest advantage is that you know that the users are verified and actual millionaires. The millionaire verification process is that you have to submit your tax return and driver’s license. Even the photo is verified.

Furthermore, they have an anti-scam system set up that eliminates people with impure intentions. The mobile app helps to keep things on the go. There’s an agreement that potential partners give to each other to keep things on track.

In addition, Luxy offers several add-on and upgrades to help you personalize your experience and find the right partner.

However, it’s more expensive than other dating sites and you need to have the black membership if you want to have all the benefits.



Elite Singles works for people who want quick and accurate results. For this reason, it has made up a formula for finding love online. For starters, it’s pretty simple to operate and has an easy to use format. Single elites are matched based on the Five Factor Model theory so there is a personality assessment that you have to take. Based on that and on age, location, occupation etc. you are shown around 3-7 matches on a daily basis. So it the site sets you up rather than you having to endlessly scroll through potential love interests. After this matchmaking has taken place, you can send a smiling emoji to the person you are interested in.

This site is catered more towards the working professionals who rely on the personality assessment for matchmaking. Also, most of the members are in the age bracket of 33-50-year-olds. Another thing about the personality test is that it takes a lot of time because it’s so lengthy which makes sense if you want to get accurate results. This app or site is not for people who require instant gratification.

The unique feature that Elite Singles offers is the capacity of options the members can use in finding someone. It shows you, 3-7 members, daily, what mutual factors you both have and how compatible you are out of a score of 100. You can even use all sorts of filters. It even lets you know who’s been visiting your profile! The first move made easier. If the personality test is too strict for you then you can use the Have you Met feature. It has all those people who fall slightly outside your match filters; basically, it’s like giving a second chance.

The only problem that’s most likely to occur is that people can skew their answers in the personality test to appear in a certain way so you really can’t tell who’s being dishonest.



This site is for sugar daddies and sugar babies and the site makes this clear. You don’t have to be ashamed for looking for a finance-based relationship here. It’s a give and takes relationship where everyone gets the benefits. The fact that it’s a sugar daddy site is made blatant quite quickly when you go through the site. There are no personality quizzes or matchmaking algorithms set in place. Instead which person you see is determined by your disposable income if you’re a sugar daddy or what kind of money you’re looking for if you’re a sugar baby. Your profile is designed to give away these factors first.

Another element on the sugar baby’s profile is where they’ll be putting their money towards, whether it’s personal gifts or tuition payments. They can even attach an Amazon wish list to show the type of gifts they’re interested in receiving.

To cater to the security needs there is a verification system to ensure the sugar daddies aren’t lying; this takes a bit of time since it’s very extensive. Like all the other dating sites mentioned above, you can’t access or reap all the benefits if you are a free member. The free account doesn’t do much and is more like a teaser. You can’t read the messages someone sends you, you can’t interact with your potential matches, and you can only send up to 10 messages.

On the other hand, the perks of being a premium member are vast. You get access to advanced search filters, read the messages you have received, list up to 3 different locations, hide your online status, choose not to post your photo, hide your country location and the date you joined.

There’s even a diamond membership that will really skyrocket your results. These members get 20 times more response from sugar babies and get a prominent placement on their dashboards. The verification system for diamond members is even stricter as you have to show your tax return and have your background checked.

When you go to the site, the first few things you’ll notice is that one of their benefits include a high ratio of women to men. That’s one of their unique points that they pride themselves in. the other is the mention of ‘no strings attached’.

The established member even provide you with advice, support, and guidance for long-term stability; there like your mentors.

Some people might claim that this is a fancied up version of prostitution. Even though the site bans prostitution through moderators there are still chances of this occurring because you can never know who’s behind the profile.


established men

Established Men was created in 2008 and since then has had millions of members. The layout and signing up process is pretty much similar to the other dating sites. This is also a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship type site and less of a millionaire dating site. It’s absolutely free for women but men have to pay. They can only set up a profile, browse, send up to three messages with a free account and receive and send flirts. As a result, female users are more than male users.

One of the fun things about Established Men is that users can leave each other voice mail messages. This way the users don’t have exchange personal contact information and use this feature to first determine if they want to move things further. You can’t download the voicemail which is an added safety feature.

Other interesting items on the list are the Find a Date Tonight feature and the fact that you can send small virtual gifts. The chatting and messaging layout is really neat and organized. In addition, things are kept very simple and clear.

Since this site requires its male users to pay and is based on women finding established men, it’s no surprise that a lot of the male users aren’t young. Furthermore, some users have reported that many of the accounts are fake or inactive so careful steps need to be taken in such cases.

This brings us to the end of the best 5 millionaire dating sites. The last two sites as you might have read: Seeking and Established Men are not just that but they are also sugar daddy sites. There are a plethora of dating sites on the internet and it’s like going to a virtual bar but the most important thing to look out for is the security measures and verification system being used by these sites.

Each site offers something unique caters to the suitability desired by each individual. So if you want quick results you should try out Elite Singles. Similarly, if you’re not into young men then you can try out Established Men and if you’re looking for the really premium experience including the aesthetics then click on Millionaire Match or Luxy.

Remember each site or app is presenting you with something different and distinctive so just give it a try and have the confidence to find a suitable partner. These dating sites are here to provide you with a convenient platform to communicate with potential partners and top unite people with the same interests.

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