5 Tips for Dating a Canadian Woman for The First Time

If you are interested in Canadian women, I want to first of all applaud your great taste. They are arguably the most date-able set of women in the world, and are known to have good manners as well. To get yourself started with one of these unique women, you will need to know what it takes to win her heart. If you happen to be one of those people who have never been with Canadians, these tips will really come in handy, so study them and prepare yourself to impress a Canadian beauty.

Canadian woman

1. Dress appropriately for the occasion

No doubt, Canadians are polite people, but it doesn’t mean they are not sensitive to dressing. If you are going out on a date with a Canadian woman, make sure your outfit is in sync with the season.

Canadian women are known to love being outdoors, and they find it annoying when you wear something inappropriate for the weather and occasion.

2. Order food that has maple syrup

This is pure fact, and it applies to all Canadians —they absolutely LOVE maple syrup. If you are going to impress a Canadian woman, the date night must include a course with maple syrup.

Canadian women like spending time outdoors, but if for any reason you both happen to be indoors for your first date, you can cook…and while you’re at it, make sure maple syrup is added to the meal.

3. Show up wearing a nice beard

In your quest to win the heart of a Canadian beauty, your beard has a special role to play, and this is because Canadian women are really attracted to bearded men.

So, before you leave the house for that special date, make sure your facial hair is groomed and super nice. This will make a very good first impression.

4. Talk about hockey

In Canada, this is the number one sport and if you know a good deal about it, you and your date will have a smooth conversation throughout your time together.

Talk about hockey teams and why you like the one you decide to pick, this will get her really interested in talking with you.

You don’t have to go into a full study of the sport to impress a Canadian woman, she will most likely pick up the hockey conversation from you and flow with it, but it would be great if you can gather enough knowledge to hold a healthy conversion.

5. Buy her a gift

Canadian women like to be courted the traditional way. If you want to win her heart, show chivalry and come with a gift. Flowers will do really well for this purpose, but don’t limit yourself to that option only.

If you know anything she may particularly like, buy it for her. If you are lost on options, don’t worry the gift does not have to be extravagant. Any small but meaningful gift will make her happy, she will feel important and this will surely get you another date with her.

28 thoughts on “5 Tips for Dating a Canadian Woman for The First Time

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  2. as a canadian female, I’m gonna correct this
    1. we don’t love maple syrup as much as you think. sure it’s cute of you to think that but no.
    2. not all of us like hockey, I’d say less than half
    3. just be polite

    we’re like american girls but more nice and outdoorsy.

    1. as an american woman we are very outdoorsy.
      We’re like Canadian girls but with better taste. We dont eat maple syrup 3 meals a day

  3. I am a Canadian woman. Let me try to help here.

    1. Guys who talk about hockey are boring. So are guys who talk about football.
    2. We eat maple syrup for breakfast, not on everything! No Canadian girl cares if you order food that has maple syrup. We are a multicultural country. We eat a very wide variety of foods. But do let a girl order for herself please. Canadian women like to think and speak for themselves.
    3. Beards? Depends on the guy. We have no special love for beards.

    Tip: Just be yourself! That’s all we want. If you don’t know much about Canadian things, don’t pretend. Nothing is less impressive than a guy trying too hard to impress. I’d be more interested to learn about YOUR culture and teach you a little about mine. That sounds like a fun date.

    1. Good point…… I have sweetheart from Canada, and she would be coming to USA for staying five months with me around places wherever she likes. She is exquisite lady. I cannot give my sweetheart’s name.

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