5 Travel Tips for Foreigner in Canada

People who have never visited Canada before should expect only the best and nothing less. It has a large area of approximately 9.98 million square kilometres thus making it the second largest in the entire globe. Canada is characterized by distinct cities, polite folks as well as a landscape that is both natural and gorgeous that stretches all through North America.

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Visitors to the country ought to be psychologically aware and prepared for certain things, at least if they want to make the best out of the trip. The following are 5 travel tips for foreigner in Canada:

1. Always add tax and tip

Most Canadian businesses do not fancy including tax on the sales price sticker. This means that you should remember to always add the Federal and Provincial sales tax. Many visitors find this to be quite confusing and inconveniencing but Canadians do not seem to mind it. There are certain services and goods that are exempted from paying the sales tax. This also applies to tips, your budget for hiring guides for activities or eating out should consider a tip of roughly 15%.

2. Dress for the region and season

Vancouver rarely gets cold but this situation changes during the months of winter, especially if you go to Whistler. Therefore, you should carry warm clothes, probably some that are warmer than those you would put on in Australia or the U.K. Conduct an extensive research on the month of the year that you intend to visit Canada and pack accordingly.

3. Winter driving

When in Canada during winter, drive only when necessary. This is because of the high level of skill required for driving confidently in icy and snowy conditions. In fact, it takes several years to develop the skill of driving in such locations. The months of November to March are when these conditions are present, this is mostly in regions that are mountainous. Most Canadian heliski operations and ski resorts have business models that offer visitors transport from both regional and international airports making car rental service unnecessary. However, those who require rental vehicles to drive to mountains or from them should make sure that it is fitted with durable winter tires.

4. Do not attempt to visit the entire country

This is an unspoken rule when traveling to many countries and it applies to Canada. The country is so big that it is almost impossible for foreigners to visit and see everything on offer. People who try to visit all areas end up spending all of their time in cars, trains and planes. The best way to go about this is by selecting a single province then narrow down on regions and destinations that you are interested in visiting. This is because it will be worth it to making another trip to Canada.

5. Respect wildlife

Canada has unique wildlife that is a huge attraction to foreigners. Most local governments will permit and encourage foreigners to interact with wildlife but this might be unsafe for you as well as for the animals. Therefore, keep a clear distance.


The above insightful information clearly shows the 5 travel tips for foreigner in Canada. It can be used as a guide when planning a trip there so as to make the best of it.

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