Top 5 Free Dating Sites & Apps in USA and Canada

As dating moves more into the online world several dating sites and apps have been developed. Among these are many differences based upon cost, platform, ease of use, and type and number of users each one attracts. For free apps there are five who lead the way in most of these considerations, all five are free, offer a website and/or a mobile app, and attract thousands of people from all over the USA and Canada. These five are Plenty Of Fish, Mingle2, OKCupid, Badoo, and MeetMe. Each have their own advantages and what sets them apart from others.

Plenty Of Fish

This website is at and has a large number of users and sees frequent growth. Having so many users can increase the odds that the person you are looking for will be on the site, but it can become overwhelming when deciding who to talk to first and which profiles to look at.


When using Plenty Of Fish the mobile app is the same layout as the website, creating a continuity of use that is attractive to many, and you can access all of the features within the app so you are not required to login into the website to make any changes or to view messages or matches. This site offers a set of quizzes that will help to connect you with potential matches, which can be very useful with so many users to choose from to communicate with. Profiles are complete with a restriction on no filters for photos and options to include all your hobbies and interest to increase the odds that you will find someone with shared likes or interests. With the option to purchase tokens allowing you to have your message at the top of the list or to have your profile featured for a day created flexibility for those who want to pay for additional features but he basic site and app are free to use, free to message with people, and free to create your profile. You are allowed to have an assortment of photos to show your interests and to attract people who have common interests or who share hobbies. Having a common ground to talk about and a shared interest can increase communication and even offer opportunities to meet someone in a place that will be comfortable and appealing or both people.


With a promise to remain free forever Mingle2 is a popular free dating site that is focused on ease of use and making it simple and fast to build your profile and be online quickly and efficiently. The quickly growing site has apps for both operating systems, Google Play and Apple’s App Store, though it is still accessible via the website at


With a large number of users Mingle has several profiles added every day, increasing the likelihood that you will find someone that you can match with. This app is more in the hands of the user with fewer quizzes and extras to learn about, but is time saving in it’s easy to learn platform and ease of accessibility. This site has users from around the world and can help you meet not only someone nearby but can also help you find your match even if they are thousands of miles away. Messaging on this platform is free and comes with a promise that it will always be free to both send and read messages, making it a great choice for those wanting to keep their money for the dates instead of user fees. The platform is attractive and intuitive to use and sign up is fast and simple, allowing you to start looking for your match today. To maintain a welcoming environment this app includes a function to block users who are posting offensive content or spamming with messages, and has rules set out for what content can be posted and how to approach others. The app is as safe as the website with an easy to use block user feature and your location is not automatically shown for other users to see, along with the potential to use a screen name and maintain privacy by not sharing your full name or location with others.


As one of the first dating sites to launch their app this site is one of the originals and has the following and users to show it’s popularity and success. Based on the website the app allows updates and messaging for those who are on the go and not always near a computer, but also has more of a professional based following then some of the others.


Where some free sites attract young users and those who want something to be fast and easy to use, OK Cupid has found success in a market that is more focused on matches based on likes and dislikes and meeting people they are more likely to move forward with. This tends to attract more serious users and those with jobs in professional environments, perhaps fewer students and more of the people who have already started their careers and want to add a partner to their life. There are several questions and preferences to set when you get started but it increases the success of the matches you receive.

This platform is also moderated more and has active moderators onsite to keep down the spam and scams, increasing safety and a feeling of comfort when sharing information and using the site. For those who want to save time by receiving quality matches that are based upon your wants and needs this site has all the necessary abilities. Keep your contact information safe by interacting through the app and not sharing personal information such as cell phone numbers or your location, and report and block those who are offensive, threatening, or seem to be scam accounts.


Baddo is a free dating site that offers paid preferences and a paid premium version for those who want to have more features and don’t mind paying for it. This platform is available online and via mobile app, and has the advantages of linking to Facebook for fast and easy login and the ability to share your current location for matches that are in the immediate area.

badoo allows you to create your profile fairly quickly, and for those who want to login faster or avoid remembering even more user names and passwords, allows for login using Facebook as an alternative to email and password. Using the mobile app makes it portable and easy to access from anywhere you are with your cell phone, and the platform is easy to navigate. To meet people who are local to your area enable the location tracking and it brings you profiles of people who are closes to you geographically, or use the search features to find profiles that share interests. While you won’t find matching quizzes you can play the encounter game to match with people who have also choose to match with you, or use the search bar to locate profiles that match what you are looking for. You can send and receive messages, and add people to your favourites list to access their profiles quickly next time you log in.


With a full suite of dating sites, allows users from all over to connect with people I new ways. Through innovation and investing back into new functions and abilities to encourage new users and partners that will bring even more users to the platform.


Functions and features on this site include AI to keep people online and interacting longer, along with the ability to live stream videos work to ensure people are not only logging in but are staying online and engaged for longer periods of time. This increases the likelihood of messages and responses, and the advances allow for partnerships with other companies and platforms to grow the number of users on a regular basis. This site is available for both android and IOS operating systems, allowing all cell phone users to have mobile access to their accounts and that fast access and ease of use keeps people checking in during the day.

Easy sign up includes an option to use Facebook to log in or sign up, and the MeetMe group has a strong focus on safety for all users and their data. Being online opens up people and their devices to a certain risk level and this company is focused on doing all they can to keep that risk level low and to maintain the safety of all users. There is a block function for any user to block another as they see fit, and a button to report abuse that is prominently displayed for all to use. With an increased group of moderators the site ranks high in safety and has clear and easy to understand rules for both contents posted and live-streamed, as well as the behaviour of users toward each other.

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